Moka Becomes a Water Dog

Moka Becomes a Water Dog by Jeff Stevenson is about a very special family dog named Moka.  She spends lots of time playing with her family in their mountain cabin.  The book is part of "The Dog On My Feet" series and focuses on Moka's first time in the water and how her family helps her learn to love it.  This book is special in that there are fun activities at the end of the book, including a word search, a maze and several coloring pages.  We all loved that the book is based on a real family and their beloved dog.

What I thought: This was a fun story to read.  The writing was large and simple enough for my first grader to be able to read it with some help, yet engaging enough to keep him interested.  The illustrations are fun, I just wish they were a bit bigger.

What Jack thought: Jack was super excited about the activities at the end of the book.  "You mean I can write in this book"?  :)  He was shocked!

What Colin thought: Colin fell in love with Moka.  He loves dogs and really enjoys reading books with a dog as the star of the show.

You can buy this book for yourself on Amazon in both paperback and kindle version (not an affiliate link).

We were provided a copy of this book by the author, but the review is purely our own.