Miracle Miles - Review and Giveaway

Miracle Miles by Brian J. Hunt and illustrated by Luke Flowers is the story about miracles, in all shapes & forms.  Miles, the smallest Cannon Commander at the Miracle Factory, is charged with saving the Factory from the evil Corbin, helped along the way by his friend Bridget.  The story proves that miracles happen in many different ways and that anyone can be a hero.

The Miracle Factory has launched billions of miracles around the world.  According to the story, "a miracle is the special ingredient that makes a star glow.  When a star is ready to become a miracle, it falls out of the sky toward Earth.  Once the star is on the ground, the Miracle Workers rush over to it and harvest out the Glow".  The greatest enemy of miracles, however, is the factory owner himself, the evil Corbin.  When he sabotages the factory, it is up to Miles and Bridget to save the day.

What I thought: First, know that this book is a bit deceptive because it looks like it will be a typical length story.  However, when you open it you realize that the type is somewhat small and there are a lot of words on each page.  That being said, it is divided by chapters so it could easily be read over several days.  The age range for Miracle Miles is seven to twelve and I think that is a accurate assessment.  I think the story jumped around a bit, especially in the beginning, but overall it was an enjoyable read and had a good message.  The illustrations are fabulous!  Very detailed and expressive and flow with the story quite well.

What Jack thought: Jack is seven and a half and is right on the lower end of the target age range.  He wasn't interested in reading this book himself, but wanted me to read it to him (I'm thinking he got a bit overwhelmed with the number of words on each page, something an older child wouldn't be fazed by).  He loved the story though.  He got very invested in Miles' adventures at the Factory and looked forward to me reading a chapter to him every night.  Jack would definitely recommend this book to his friends!

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You can also read more about the author at http://brianjameshunt.com/

We were provided a copy of this book by the author, but the review is purely our own.

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