Book Haul!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a book giveaway from Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves and received the books pictured below:

Jack was super excited to get books in the mail and wanted to read the Babar book right away.  I know Colin will love By the Sea too.  It was really fun to win a blog giveaway!

Today we went to the book sale at the local library and picked up these books:

All of these books only cost $7.75!  The kids books ranged in price from 25 cents to 50 cents each and the one book I bought for myself cost a dollar.  As you can see, we picked up quite a variety.  Some fall books, some Christmas themed, some new, some old.  The older women in charge of the sale doted on Jack while he was picking out books & paying for them - it was so cute and he just ate it up.

When I buy books in bulk like this, I usually put most of them away at first and give the kids one or two new books a week.  This is a great plan especially when the weather is poor and the kids are restless.

With this haul I think I could do my own giveaway!


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I remember so many of those!

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