How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

The obsession with dinosaurs continues...

Today we read one of the books that was included in our Blue Bag from the library, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night by Jane Yolen.

The premise of the story is several pages of different dinosaurs displaying bedtime stalling behavior (demanding a piggyback, moaning & crying, stomping their feet, etc.) and the author asking, "does a dinosaur..."?  And answering, "no, a dinosaur...(gives a kiss, turns out the light, etc.).

A dramatic dinosaur

What I thought about the book:  Overall, I loved the premise of the book.  The author shows many of the common stall tactics that can make bedtime a challenge for moms and dads and shows how the dinosaurs don't do those, but instead they do things to make bedtime go much more smoothly.  The photos are large and engaging.  I loved that the dinosaur names are somewhere on each page (sometimes on their bed or their rug or wall) - inevitably Colin is going to ask me the name of the dinosaur and I'm not going to know.  I better get it right because he's going to remember when he asks me again!

What Jack thought about the book:  Jack enjoyed listening to the story, but really it is below his interest level.  He's not into dinosaurs like Colin is and the overall subject matter is just a little young for him.  He loves to listen to almost any story though and he loves when Colin likes something so he was a good sport.  :-)

What Colin thought about the book:  Colin loved it!  He loved the large, bright illustrations of the dinosaurs "being naughty" - it cracked him up.  He also tends to love sing-songy books and this fits the bill.

This book is part of a whole series of "How do Dinosaurs...".  After reading this one, I will definitely check out other dinosaur books by Jane Yolen especially if Colin's dinosaur obsession continues.

You can likely find this book at your local library or on Amazon for anywhere between 22 cents and approx. $10.

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