Moses Jones And The Case of the Missing Sneaker

Moses Jones And The Case of the Missing Sneaker by N.T. McQueen is the story of Moses Jones and his faithful feline companion, Finkle, who go on an epic search for Moses' missing sneaker.  With one sneaker on, they search the grocery store, the music store and the hardware store.  I won't give away where they end up finding the sneaker, but it is in the most unexpected of places!

This book is a fun story, especially for kids ages 4-8 (in my opinion).  The illustrations are bright and engaging, but the story also stands well on its own.  I have to say, that for us, Finkle the cat steals the show.  He is so expressive and is always doing something funny.  He's a perfect companion to Moses Jones and a great accompaniment to the story overall.

What Jack liked:  Jack loved this story.  I know because he asked me to read it more than once!  His favorite page is the very first one, where Finkle the cat is sitting on the toilet.  Always stealing the show!

What Colin liked:  Colin loved when Moses found his missing sneaker.  I won't give it away, but Colin loved the silliness!

We all loved this book and look forward to more adventures with Moses Jones and Finkle the cat.  You can purchase a copy of your own here on Amazon (not an affiliate link).

We were provided a copy of this book by the author, but the review is purely our own.


rose.ann.castro said...

My kids loved story-telling and this book is one of their favorite. It was fun and great book for younger kids.

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