Haiku Baby

For a small change of pace here, I thought I'd post a review of one of my daughter's books, a board book actually.  Our little girl, Amelia, is seven months old and already loves to listen to our voices as we read to her.  She also loves to listen to big brother Jack read his school books to her.  Awww!

We received Haiku Baby by Betsy Snyder from a dear friend over the holidays.  Each page features a different haiku in a nature theme.  For example, rain, moon, sun, etc.

My favorite haiku is titled, "Moon", and goes like this:

    in silver moonlight,
    whale sings a soft lullaby-
    good night, little bird

What Amelia thinks:  We like to read this story close to bedtime when she is fairly calm and relaxed, that way she is less grabby at the book.  ;)  She enjoys listening to my voice reading the haikus and overall seems to enjoy the experience.

What I think:  I love this book.  I've always loved haikus, so naturally I love haikus written with children in mind.  The illustrations that accompany the words are beautiful and thoughtful as well.

You can buy Haiku Baby for yourself here or see if your local library carries it.

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